2 pound extraction, grow room update


Yesterday morning we picked up 2 pounds of flower. Five different strains. We started with the 11 zips of cherry blossom. It took 4 whole 18 inch tubes to run that one strain. Running two cans per tube of pure322 organic solvent. this morning we will be weighing it up......

Running it through the warm water bath till most all of the pure322 is evaporated or boiled off...

Then we get it into the vac chamber for a pull n snap finish....

We will be rethinking our vac chamber set up and some other things for a better extraction process.... maybe get a custom made piece of silicone inserts for the vac chamber so we. An run whatever amount of wax at a time through this small two liter chamber.

in the vac chamber, cherry blossom should be done..... Again this morning this one will be pulled out, collected and weighed up. We did start on the 9 zips of outdoors and I can already tell it’s yielded more then the cherry blossom...we started and this one will also be weighed up but we are not chambering this one we will leave this one as a sauce and we’ll get our new tools out to collect and weigh this one......still sitting in the warm water bath.....

This will stay as a sauce. Sure dark in color but the smell is amazing and I’m sure the kick is just as potent....


Flower room will be getting watered today with plain ph water to 6.4-6.8 The “dairy shake” from Sanctuary seeds Is utilizing Simple Yield Solutions independent plant support system. We doubled the 1000 watt and 600 watt led for this one as well with it being the biggest canopy. week 2 of flower... got a ways to go lol

We haven’t seen the veg room In A couple of days. All 16 of these girls you see in here under the 400 watt metal halide are going to the outdoor grow. Mendo cookies, juicy fruit witch are monster cropped clones with are all using Vulx Volcanic mineral amendment, Durban poison, sour sorbet... should be an awesome grow and we are almost fully prepared for it. All will be transplanted into 10 gallon smartpots with Fox Farm ocean forest soil. And as always will be using a mic of Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.

And the five new exotics, all different strains we got these beans from Pure Smoke Boutiques these will be the next ones to hit the veg room and then the flower room. We maybe getting some clones though to fill in the spot between what we have flowering now and the seedlings.

I got two pounds of flower to finish extracting. Will be posting as usual to all our social accounts and you can follow us on any of them Facebook, tumbler, Twitter, Instagram , linked in and YouTube

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